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Looking to finance your business expansion?

Frequently business owners and bankers speak different languages with owners speaking profit and loss and bankers wanting to hear balance sheet.  We can help you bridge this communications gap through effective plan and proposal development. – Want to learn more?

Do you want to cultivate the economic engines of your community?

Small business is the backbone of the local economy but too often economic developers are at somewhat of a loss in terms of how to work effectively with them.  With years of experience working directly with business owners and entrepreneurs, we can help you become a more effective resource for small business growth and development. – Want to learn more?

Are your business opportunities evolving?

If you are launching a new business, buying a franchise, buying an existing business or preparing to transition you current business to new ownership, you need to plan and prepare.  With years of experience and working with thousands of business owners as they pursued these matters we can help you navigate these waters. – Want to learn more?